I know I am an old fart by now. I can live with that, but I do have to vent my disappointment with a world no longer dominated by my generation of cranks. For example: content on the web. Yes, there is written content. Some of it shows that our educational system must be in dire crises as nobody seems to be able to spell, punctuate, or use common idioms even slightly correctly. And if text is not littered with ditsurbeng errors, it is probably a sign that the text was generated by an AI. Nevermind: nobody cares. It is just clickbait anyway. The ads we are forced to see are the main show.

But a steadily growing category of content is videos. That is what content creators do. Yes: it does solve the problem with spelling, does it not? And it is probably much faster, too. Just babble into your phone and hit ‘Publish’. So, I want to see a review of a new camera? Well, here is a video. And so on and so forth. Trouble is: no search. No asynchronous reading, scrolling up and down, reading at your own leisure. It is almost as if the content in content creation does not matter. Just the fact that I click something.

I miss the old web, the Netscape era, the low-graphics, wordy, and outright elitist web. Those were the days of wine rosé.

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