Inspiring, this:

So, in September of 2023, New York City decided to do something about it. A series of bold requirements capped the total number of short-term rentals (STRs) and limited guests to just two at a time. They required STR operators to be primary homeowners — and to be present in the home while hosting. The city also promised to enforce those requirements, a move that would wipe out nearly 90 percent of active listings at the time.

The Towns Outsmarting Airbnb

Disclaimer: Yes, I have used AirBnB. In Berlin and in London. Every apartment we stayed in was clearly only used for this purpose. In Berlin, our ‘host’ apparently controlled some 20 rentals in a building complex. In London, the apartment turned out to be in a Peabody building, and a note in the hallway said that short-term rental was not allowed. No wonder our ‘host’ told us to not answer any questions about our stay to anyone.

Yet another good idea ruined by greedy capital in record time.

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