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This is the umpteenth incarnation of this site. It is, as always, produced in a Danish-American household in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I guess I have tried every other blogging platform over the lifetime of the site – whois says “Creation Date: 13-jun-2001” for the domain, so it has been a while. Blogger, Moveable Type, Wordpress, TextPattern, home spun, Ghost, Jekyll– I have already forgotten a few. And now Chyrp Lite - a nice, well-implemented thing with nice, clean code and a simple, but efficient, templating system.

And, also: after having hosted with A Small Orange for a while and being quite satisfied, things started being not so well. And a quick search revealed that for some time the joint had had new owners, new owners with quite a reputation. Coinciding with this - and pushing me over the line - was a desire to have more control and more possibilities. So a Linode VPS it became. Not that I would recommend this path to everyone, but if you have some knowledge and are willing to invest a little time, it is much easier than you would think. And fun.