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So, the story of this site.

I used to write something like so in this spot:

This site is created by a Danish-American family living in sunny Copenhagen, Denmark

Still true. Only that I am the one doing it all by myself (one can always hope that more will join me) and it is not always that sunny.

I bought the domain name in June of 2001, and have been running sites under that name on and off ever since. I used all kinds of cheapo, lousy hosting until I—via Textpattern—arrived at TextDrive, being a VC200 and all. That ended, as we all know. After more mishaps with substandard hosts, I took the plunge into VPS and have not looked back.

As for software, it has been Textpattern, WordPress, Chyrp, and various attempts at homemade stuff in PHP as well as RoR. Then, I wanted to jump on the Jamstack band wagon, and the site is now (mostly) build in Next.js with various data sources:

  • The front page feeds off links I keep in shaarli

  • This current page comes from a static Markdown file

  • The found images are just in a flat folder, and the metadata in a JSON file

  • The Writings come from folders with Markdown files

  • The styles are based on Matej Latin’s Gutenberg kit

  • The rest is (not yet …) served by next.js. Perhaps it will be one day.

The site is hosted on Linode, running Ubuntu. The main photo gallery uses Lychee, and the family photos Zenphoto.

The very old family photos is an album exported from Aperture (RIP).