Art Garfunkel famously keeps track of the books he has read since 1968. As of writing this, the count is 1327 (he does not add a review). I thought I could do something similar but I am adding short reviews of books as I read them, and I rake my brain over what I read over the last decades. This is, evidently, a work-in-progress: there are 517 reviews so far. Titles marked with a * are particular favorites.

Jean Hanff Korelitz: The Plot

Widely successful and very well written at the ‘technical level’. It pulls off a plot within a plot and keeps you on edge (although, I must add, I guessed the second plot resolution quite early). That said, I also feel that it is more a metaliterary exercise and quite cerebral than a heartfelt story. Nothing is wrong with that, but you do not end up having many feelings about the characters who are mainly moved around like pawns in a chess game. For all the psychological aspects, we do not know anything about the characters.