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about all this

I bought the domain name in June of 2001, and have been running sites under that name on and off ever since. I used all kinds of cheapo, lousy hosting until I—via Textpattern—I arrived at TextDrive, being a VC200 and all. That ended, as we all know. After more mishaps with substandard hosts, I took the plunge into VPS and have not looked back.

As for software, it has been Textpattern, WordPress, Chyrp, and various attempts at homemade stuff in PHP as well as RoR.

This incarnation is just possibly the simplest solution for weblogging so far: A couple of bookmarklets, less than 100 lines of PHP, and boom. Minimal, but it suits me. I still don't know how it will scale, but I fully intend to adopt agile processes to deal with demands as they rise.


The site is hosted on Linode, running Ubuntu. The main photo gallery uses Lychee, and the family photos Zenphoto.

The very old family photos is an album exported from Aperture (RIP)—that I use altough it is on life support now. Have not found anything as pleasant to use, just yet. The scribbles are handmade (writing in Markdown, transforming with Pandoc. Typora is one nice editor for that.)