Nativism is driving the far-right surge in Europe – and it is here to stay:

Almost all countries have a rather fertile breeding ground for at least populist radical right politics, with pluralities (and sometimes even majorities) of the population thinking there are too many immigrants (nativism), that crime is punished too leniently (authoritarianism), and that political elites are corrupt (populism). Whether or not this translates into electoral success for far-right parties is, simply stated, a matter of supply and demand.

We surely live in interesting times, as the Chinese curse would have it.

A Museum of Neoliberalism is opening in London

The Museum's inspiration was "the official and sycophantic 'Margaret Thatcher Centre and Library'" -- Cullen and Grindon want to rival it with an anti-Thatcher museum that rebuts the idiotic slogan, "There is no alternative."

Misha Glenny and Callum Lang · How to Buy Drugs:

Reminded me of a story I saw just the other day: there are now stickers around in Copenhagen, advertising ecstasy and cocaine. There is a user name on an encrypted service (not WhatsApp) you can contact. All payments in Bitcoins. Discreet delivery.