Attack on Bayonne Mosque, Suspect was admirer of Eric Zemmour, and a former candidate for the Front National.:

The English speaking media offers little coverage of Zemmour, who for a long-time was best known as the author of the “declinist” door-stopper, Le Suicide français (2014). It begins with the phrase, La France est l’homme malade de L’europe (France is the sick man of Europe). For those unwilling to fork out for its 538 pages the message is simple, and summarised by admirers and defenders. The book’s main thesis is that nation-states have declined in power and, above all that France has lost its historic leading role. The facade of the Nation is intact, but it has become a Museum, an historic Monument, without a living heart. This “Potemkin Republic” has been hollowed out in the wake of May 68, the Marxist revolutionaries, feminists and post-Christians who have brought about the triumph of liberal globalist capitalism. They are the harbingers of individualism and national self-loathing.

A dangerous and odious position, embraced by the Generation Identiraire, and seeping ever so slowly into the rhetorics of supposedly mainline rightwing parties all over Europe.

How America's hatred of poor people ties back to Puritan work ethic:

There is a profound suspicion of anyone who is poor, and a consequent raising to the highest priority imposing incredibly humiliating, harsh conditions on access to welfare benefits on the assumption you’re some kind of grifter, or you’re trying to cheat the system. There is no appreciation for the existence of structural poverty, poverty that is not the fault of your own but because the economy maybe is in recession or, in a notorious Irish case, the potato crop fails.

I belive there is a strong Calvinist element here - perhaps also heavily influencing the negative view of Irish Catholics, the lazy bums that they are.

The Oil Mystery Undermining An Aramco IPO:

None of us who have been watching the melodrama of the Saudi Aramco IPO will be surprised if the IPO gets rescheduled and then canceled once again. To put it plainly, investors don’t seem to trust Saudi Aramco’s representations about its reserves and so must be discounting the publicly available numbers. That is what is likely spooking the Saudi government which keeps hoping against hope to get the $100 billion it wants from the IPO.

Therefore, I don’t recommend holding your breath waiting for the kingdom to submit to an independent audit of oil reserves that will clear up the matter anytime soon.