On ‘exit’ from capital:

But what the accelerationist position also helpfully does is undercut a certain thrashing about for ‘An Alternative’ that has been seen on the Left. It is replaced with an even more finalistic, though potentially more freeing, assertion than Mark Fisher in Capitalist Realism when he opened it with the words, “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

I am not so sure about their arguments, though, but worth reading nonetheless.

“We should not look back to the New Left”: An interview with Dan La Botz.

A good interview with a guy who has been anything but an armchair clicktivist - and still is not. Also, La Botz has a sure grounding in theory (even if you do not agree with all of his positions).

Teen Vogue exec editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay: "proud to be 'the most insidious form of teen communist propaganda'".


Teen Vogue has emerged as one of the most progressive mass-media forums in an age of Trumpism and its official misogyny and racism -- it's a Conde Naste magazine aimed at teen girls with a labor reporter who regularly dissects capitalism's failings and writes explainers on the need for a general strike.