What Is Žižek For?:

The celebrated “leftist” “philosopher” is a racist and reactionary whose intellectual product is worthless. The Left should have nothing to do with him.

Indeed. But he picked up good marketing skills from Lacan et alt.

Air Force Finally Retires 8-Inch Floppies From Missile Launch Control System:

There are now several generations alive that have never even seen a floppy of any form, let alone an 8-inch. Bizarre.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meaningless ‘Free Speech’ Defence of Facebook’s Inconsistent Moderation Policies:

It’s a robust argument that the company does not support free speech to a meaningful degree, but it’s also not a well-moderated platform. Zuckerberg wants to be able to claim that Facebook is a champion of free speech when it’s convenient to them — for instance, when it’s making money by selling ads to liars — but doesn’t want to deal with the actual difficulties that a free-for-all platform enables — and it ends up being horrible at both.

And a horrible person in general, it does seem.

Cable is bullshit, and so is 5G: give me fiber or give me death!:

Strangely, the free market does not seem to be able to solve basic infrastructure problems. Meanwhile, in Korea or Japan or Singapore or most of Europe ...

The Odyssey in Limerick Form

Electronic badge monitors workers' conversations, toilet usage and posture :

The wet dream of the modern manager. Guess that Amazon will soon (are already?) be using this.