Javier Marías says

I think Hitchcock was one of the most intellectual and profound filmmakers in history but he managed to disguise his depth, his intellectuality, in suspense stories.

I tend to agree, and would like to add that some genre writers -- say Ian Rankin or Henning Mankell -- are likewise intellectual and profound authors, in hiding or not.

Nigerian Teenagers Are Making Slick Sci Fi Films With Their Smartphones

Two Views of the Tumult on American Campusess:

Kronman, on the other hand, 15 years into his post-administrative life, is flamboyantly undiplomatic. “The Assault on American Excellence” may well be the most full-throated attack on the academic embrace of diversity produced by a prominent, if former, senior university official in the entire half-century history of affirmative action in higher education.

Which sounds bad, and perhaps is, but he does seem to have some valid points. Judge for yourself.

Why You can't have Democracy without Strong Workers' Unions:

When workers don’t have a voice in their workplace, they eventually lose their voice at the ballot box, too.

Did Charles Schulz Really Write 'Peanuts' for Kids?:

A Peanuts narrative, however, is the opposite of a fairy tale’s. In the latter, good generally wins out, however messily: Dragons get slain, witches are shoved into ovens, simpletons land fortunes, and so on. In Schulz, no one wins and everyone is thwarted, not only in love, but also on the baseball field or in the classroom or, where Snoopy is concerned, in the skies over World War I battlefields.

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