US Inequality Rises: "The number of billionaires in the United States has more than doubled in the last decade, from 267 in 2008 to 607 last year, according to UBS." and meanwhile "Rents in New York have risen twice as fast as wages, according to StreetEasy data from 2010-2017, squeezing lower-income residents. And the number of homeless people sleeping in the city’s shelters is 70% higher than a decade ago".

New York’s new malls: Hudson Yards, Empire Outlets, and more: "Experts claim retail is dead, but the “vertical centers” and “food halls” in America’s densest city just keep coming." One big shopping mall. At odds with previous.

Neanderthals glued their tools together: “We continue to find evidence that the Neanderthals were not inferior primitives but were quite capable of doing things that have traditionally only been attributed to modern humans,” said co-author Paolo Villa, adjunct curator at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.

Class and optimism: "What I’m describing here is a little different from the tendency for posh people to be more confident than the rest of us, but perhaps connected. My point is that posh folk are more optimistic than others not just about their personal prospects, but about prospects for the economy generally."

A Field Goes to War With Itself: "While medievalists battle, white nationalists try to co-opt the past." Has that tendency not always been there? After all, and at least in Europe, this is the period where territorial state formations start appearing. Fertile ground.

Inside Paraguay’s failed Aryan ‘utopia’: "Deep in the jungle of central Paraguay, a town announces itself with a wire sign suspended between two stone towers that look like freestanding Medieval turrets: “Bienvenidos a Nueva Germania,” it reads. A few thousand people live in “New Germany” today, but if the town’s founders had their way, it would have taken over the entire South American continent."