A few things that grabbed my mention:

Henryk Górecki: Symphony No 3 review – minimalism made human: Beth Gibbons is wonderful, but she adds something very different from, say, Dawn Upshaw. Most reviews are (quite surprisingly) very positive. Oklahoma Was Never Really O.K.. Ouch. 'To Sleep With Anger' Finds New Life With Criterion. Walter Benjamin in Ibiza: Benjamin is, it would seem, having a renaissance. Or at least is being talked about a bit. The People Who Hated the Web Even Before Facebook.

The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable: "What is workism? It is the belief that work is not only necessary to economic production, but also the centerpiece of one’s identity and life’s purpose; and the belief that any policy to promote human welfare must always encourage more work."

The British Banksters: "More than 3,500 bankers in the UK are paid more than €1m (£850,000) a year, according to pay and bonus details published by the European Banking Authority."

Meet a Most Improbable Trump Megadonor: A Vegan “Buddhist Artist” From China.

Joy Division's Legacy, Explained.