Carlo Rovelli talks about time and "now". An article that says that Brexit is a consequence of low upward mobility has interesting observations -- not only for Brexit, but perhaps for Trumpism and the general right-wing uprising all around us. Why were people thinner in the 1970s? Or, rather, what has changed? And the answer is sugar. Alfred Brendel’s essays about Beethoven, Schubert, and many others are deeply relevant to performers and amateur listeners alike.. Vietnamese people "learn" how to make pho from American recipes and hilarity ensues. The Atlantic is a gift that keeps giving: The Threat Democratic Socialism Poses to Minorities and Why Is Jordan Peterson So Popular? must have both been pulled out of somebody's behind. If Leftism is not in decline (as one article says) is should be because it may be shedding identity politics. Come on already: which one is it? But perhaps we can look to other explanations for the resurgence: Oxford Professor Phalippou: Since 2006, Private Equity Has Produced Only S&P 500 Returns While Reaping $400+ Billion in Fees.