Living six months undercover in low-wage Britain was an eye-opening experience, perhaps because 8 years of austerity have turned the UK into a bleak Victorian dystopia, where pensioners without electricity die from fires ignited by their candles. We should not forget - in the midst of our avocado fixation - that food is a class issue. Socialism may not be a lost cause in the US of A, although inexplicably poor people in America are so patriotic. Instead of fixating on flags and stuff, perharps they should ponder that private equity bosses took $200m out of Toys R Us and crashed the company, lifetime employees got $0 in severance. And even when we have jobs, they may well be soul-draining bullshit jobs. Do states have the right to exclude immigrants? seems to be a provocative question and you can only imagine that people do not agree on what the answer is. Finally, "leftism" is parting ways with "liberalism" and it may mean something (in the American context).