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I have been asked why do I hate religion so much? I reply you are mistaken. I don't hate religion. I fucking detest it and I treat it with the contempt it truly deserves.


The neo-liberalism we live with

This rant first had the title "Private equity" and began as a diatribe about the evil that is private equity. Naturally enough: my previous company was "taken private", cost was "contained", and it is now being prepped for "going public." I mean, WTF: somebody "buys" a company that is quite healthy and that does make money, fires some 20% of the workforce, and wants to sell it again at a higher price? Because they have now reduced cost? Are they really thinking investors are that dumb? For one thing: this is a software company. Sure: it is probably possible to cut some head counts and make the bottom line look rosy for a while. Unfortunately, as this also means that new development is delayed or cancelled, what will happen in a couple of years when the prospective customers realize that the product is dead or dying?


On photography

a picture

I don't have anything to say in any picture. My only interest in photography is to see what something looks like as a photograph. I have no preconceptions.

-- attributed to Garry Winogrand (Wikipedia / Masters of Photography)



I have a pretty good time reading Barbara Ehrenreichs Bright-Sided at the moment. She stands in that great, American tradition of non-fiction writing where the anecdotal is but a starting point and each page expands upon the merely personal and creates something general. Moving from the concrete to the abstract, if you will, even though Ehrenreichs theoretical and ideological underpinnings are perhaps not all that clear and perhaps this is to make the book easier to swallow for the public – or perhaps that is also the limits of her own insights.